LifeSpark Coaching

We are a health and fitness coaching company with a bit of a twist. We view fitness in the broadest possible terms, looking beyond physical fitness and medical wellness and look at an individual as a whole entity, capable of achieving fitness and vitality in every area of their lives. We believe that fitness is a state of super-wellness – something that cannot be achieved in isolation or only in one facet of life.

So what does that actually mean? As well as providing dedicated coaching through the highly effective and universally accessible CrossFit methodology, we are well read on the topics of health, fitness, human vitality and development. To further support our community we have cultivated referral relationships with some of the city’s top professionals in areas complementary to LifeSpark’s vision – the achievement of Total Life Fitness.

When you join the LifeSpark community you will be guided on a journey to great fitness by qualified coaches. Our coaching focuses on the development of healthy workouts and eating habits. Most importantly we, as coaches and as a community support you when things get tough.

There is no substitute for dedicated coaching, quality nutrition, intense workouts and the support of a community to achieve great results. The bottom line is: fitness allows you to ‘Participate in Life’.

  • Vision – To create a community that pursues Total Life Fitness, fitness that spans all areas of life.
  • Mission – To inspire our community to achieve Total Life Fitness. We view fitness as a whole body experience, a state of super-wellness. Through dedicated coaching we help our community maximise their fitness, which enables their Participation in Life.