Why Fitness?

We believe that fitness is essential to a great life. It is the physical embodiment of courage, confidence, dedication, integrity, accountability and passion. We love the freedom fitness gives you, as you are physically able to do anything you want to do. Be it a day’s surfing, a fitness competition, or travelling on adventures to remote corners of the earth. We want to enjoy everything we demand of life, and be able to handle whatever surprises life throws back at us! For us, fitness is about ‘Participation in Life’.

This enthusiasm spills over into our work, helping our athletes maximise their fitness. The fitter a person is, the more they are physically able to do things that bring excitement and fun to their lives. Fitness is about being the parent who can take part in the 100m dash at their child’s sports day, or push the car out when it’s stuck in the desert. It’s about the child who can participate in any sport or activity, and enjoy it. It’s about people maintaining and improving their functional capability into the later years of their lives. It’s about the athlete excelling in their sport or challenge and achieving their goals.

We believe that everyone can achieve great fitness and that great fitness facilitates sport and life.

Why Fitness? It’s about Participation in Life.